“Steeped in the Southern Gothic tradition, and combining the bombast of post-rock, the tenor of Appalachian folk, and vernacular of gospel song-craft, The Angelus stands apart and unique among its peers in the North Texas music scene.”

“Bethan is the creative offspring of Jessi James and is the result of hard work applied over the past year. Jessi first met producer Roger Greenawalt (Ben Kweller, The Pierces) at SXSW 2010.”

A reverb-drenched psychedelic tapestry that keeps revealing secrets with repeated listens.

Birds & Batteries is the experimental indie-pop ranging from synth-based dance music to Americana, the band loosens the bonds of genre to reveal the basic element of a well-crafted song.

“Datahowler’s catchy instrumental, genre-bending soundscapes mix downtempo and ambient electronic sounds with elements of hip-hop, sci-fi and, yeah, with a little dollop of chillwave”

“…Burr gives a generous treatment to the notion of the inescapably criminal, the deterministically corrupt, universal culpability. It’s a titanic penitence reminiscent of Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky…”

“…stunning, stripped-down solo material,” — Quick DFW

Gold Beach is a town in Oregon where the Rogue River meets the Pacific Ocean. You will find things are very different here. Vast forests and rugged mountains all invite you to relax and explore. Do something different and get away to sunny Gold Beach.

“Telegraph Canyon…an epic take on Americana that sits as comfortably with Broken Social Scene as it does with Old 97’s, both of whom it’s opened for.”

Austin-based band Monahans, named for a region of desolate West Texas sand hills, balances thundering rhythms and atmospheric “landscape rock” with urgent pop anthems and spiritual campfire balladry.