Past Lives World Tour 2019 
Plus special guests | Club Dada 

After unveiling their debut album, In Our Bones, in 2016, Against The Current was inspired to change things up. The alt-pop group, who formed in Poughkeepsie in 2011, knew that it was time to evolve the way they wrote songs and allow for the music to surprise them in the studio. They looked to “Wasteland,” a track on In Our Bones, as inspiration for how using new instrumentation and sounds could create something both familiar and unexpected. The band’s second album, Past Lives, kicks everything up a notch.

“We approached writing that song so differently than we’d ever approached writing a song before,” Chrissy says. “It was such a different experience for us and we really stepped outside of our comfort zone. And you can really hear that on this record. We changed so much of how we write and how we look at songs because of that experience.”

The album was written and recorded over the course of a year, with the musicians penning over 40 song ideas in total. The band spent time in the studio in Los Angeles with producer Andrew Goldstein and in Nashville with producer Tommy English, and even laid down a few parts at Will’s home studio. The three band members wrote everything together, each bringing in various ideas and always being open to possibilities.

“I felt more comfortable bringing different ideas to the table,” Will notes. “A lot of the songs came from these weird instrumental demos I had that I was uncertain about sharing. I was able to find places in the songs for them and it turned out so well. ‘Voices’ came from that. I had this demo with weird guitar riffs and I brought it into one of our last sessions in LA. We went in the next day and started a track with it.”

“In the past it felt like we needed guitar going at all times,” Dan adds. “But on this record all of the guitar parts are meant to be there.”