When: Friday, October 7th  
Where: The Rustic
Times: 8:30 pm
Tickets: Free with RSVP | VIP: $55 | All-Ages 

FRC Live Music Showcase at The Rustic on October 7. Where football, music and food collide. Spune presents Black Joe LewisMargo Price,Whiskey ShiversRise and Shine & more. 

FREE w/ RSVPhttp://www.prekindle.com/FRCLive2016

VIP TICKET: $55, which includes the following:
–Access to VIP Indoor ‘Lounge’ with a private bar

–Access to VIP Catering Tent with additional VIP bars (food included in ticket price)

Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - website | facebook 

Known for creating groovy, soul infused, hits, Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears have not only impressed local Austin, but have exploded into the national spotlight. The band brings their blend of raw electric blues, Southern-fried funk and turbocharged punk & roll to the Austin City Limits stage for their first appearance on the show.Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears are the real deal, and represent a revival in powerful, soul music that is both cohesive and artfully crafted. Tonight they are joined by another Texas soul band, The Relatives. After three decades of dormancy, The Relatives have rejoined to resurrect the soulful, Gospel sound that they were known for back in the day. With two of the original vocalists remaining (Tommy and his brother Rev. Gean West), the group gathered its unreleased material, and produced a full-length LP titled Don’t Let Me Fall, which was released in 2009.

Margo Price - website | facebook

It only takes Margo Price about twenty-eight seconds to convince you that you're hearing the arrival of a singular new talent. “Hands of Time,” the opener on Midwest Farmer's Daughter (coming Spring 2016 on Third Man Records), is an invitation, a mission statement and a starkly poetic summary of the 32-year old singer's life, all in one knockout, self-penned punch: “When I rolled out of town on the unpaved road, I was fifty-seven dollars from bein' broke . . .”

Throughout Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, Price recalls hardships and heartaches – the loss of her family's farm, the death of her child, problems with men and the bottle. Her voice has that alluring mix of vulnerability and resilience that was once the province of Loretta and Dolly. It is a tour-de-force performance that is vivid, deeply moving and all true.

From the honky tonk comeuppance of “About To Find Out,” to the rockabilly-charged “This Town Gets Around” to the weekend twang of “Hurtin' (On The Bottle)”, Price adds fresh twists to classic Nashville country, with a sound that could’ve made hits in any decade. Meanwhile, the hard-hitting blues grooves of “Four Years of Chances” and “Tennessee Song” push the boundaries further west to Memphis (the album was recorded at Sun Studio).

As Price looks ahead to a busy 2016, full of touring and promoting Midwest Farmer's Daughter, she reflects on her hopes for what listeners might get from these songs. “I hope that the record helps people get through hard times or depression. That's ultimately what music did for me in my childhood, and especially in my early adult years. It's about being able to connect personally with a song, and hopefully, it makes you feel not so lonely.”

Whiskey Shivers - website | facebook

Barefoot, sleeveless and sweaty, Whiskey Shivers front-man and fiddle master Bobby Fitzgerald never stops smiling on stage. "All right! Let’s kick this thing in the face!” he barks, as the band tears into their stringed instruments at breakneck speed.

It's almost impossible to watch him perform more than a song or two without cracking a smile yourself. His exuberance is contagious, and it bleeds through into the music. Whether they're playing at a backyard house party in Texas, a punk-rock dive bar or a sprawling country music festival, crowds take notice. People put down their phones, pick up their drinks and start dancing.

“Whiskey Shivers isn't just the five of us on stage, it’s everybody in the room," Fitzgerald says. "We try to bring everybody into the moment and get them to realize there's no wall between us and the crowd. We're all in this together, and we're all here to have a good time. We'll do our best to facilitate it, but it takes all of us to make it happen. When you start to feel that, you can't help but feel a little attachment and become invested in the show. You realize, 'Oh, I'm here to have good time too!’”

Rise and Shine - facebook

2012 in Dallas, TX, two long time members of Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights sat down to play their first show and Rise and Shine was born. On This Is Your Captain Speaking, (first studio album from R&S) you can expect to hear a harmonious blend of rhythm and blues, rock and gospel, and some southern swag.