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Win 2 tickets to Dallas show (Apr 9) plus vinyl album

Enter to win 2 tickets to see Parcels at Trees on April 9 plus their debut on vinyl!

“Our first album had to be self produced and it had to be the truest representation of us, as people, as musicians and as a group that we had ever offered before. Parcels started for us as a new experimentation in sound and image but after the five of us moved across the world together, its initial ideas and boundaries quickly lost importance. We had always played in bands together but clearly this was our first real band in that it was inseparable from the experience we were living together. This was now our identity, we’re a band in the older sense of the word. This suddenly gave direction to the initial recordings for our album and gave the thread we needed to push forward. The album is titled Parcels, because we believe we succeeded in tracking the truest possible representation of us right now, as people, as musicians and as a group.” — Parcels

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