Lindi Ortega with Hugh Masterson at Club Dada

When: Wednesday, April 4
Where: Club Dada
Times: Doors: 8:00 pm | Show: 9:00 pm

LINDI ORTEGA gives fair warning: “Don’t come any closer to my heart /If you’re afraid of thedark.”However, that shroud is slowly lifted in Liberty. As the narrative unfolds in this concept album, acentral character emerges – one who finally sheds the darkness of her past and emerges into thelight. As melodies and tempos change throughout Liberty, her journey carries her steadilyforward. Listen closely and you’ll find Ortega’s experiences in the lyrics too.

“I think the most important thing for me was that I ended on a very positive note because I'vehad so many people tell me that my songs helped them through really hard times in their life,”Ortega says. “That struck a chord for me, because just like everybody else, I have had hard timesin my life, and continue to have pockets of difficult moments here and there. If I can providesome sort of solace with my music, then that gives me every reason to make music. I wanted thisrecord to be all about helping people through the darkness.

”The melodies and arrangements of Liberty draw on the epic work of Oscar-winning composerEnnio Morricone, who became one of Ortega’s musical obsessions during the writing andrecording of Liberty. Moreover she enlisted Nashville producer Skylar Wilson (Justin TownesEarle, Rayland Baxter) when she discovered their shared passion for Quentin Tarantino movies.It is fitting that NPR’s All Things Considered has described Ortega as “genre-defying in both hermusic and her personal style.

”During the sessions at Battle Tapes studio in East Nashville, Ortega and Wilson scaled back theboot-stomping, throwback country approach that she’s known for, instead polishing a set ofmusic that reflects her lineage. Her father is Mexican; her mother is Irish. The sonic landscape ofLiberty is enhanced by Nashville band Steelism, known for their dramatic blend of pedal steelguitar and electric guitar, as well as Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy onharmonica.

In 2017, Ortega opened select dates for Chris Stapleton and Dwight Yoakam. In addition, shemarried Canadian musician Daniel Huscroft and relocated from Nashville to Calgary. Libertyconcludes with “Gracia a la Vida” from the pen of Chilean composer Violetta Parra. The titletranslates as “Thank you to Life.”

“Even though I always tried to have a silver lining, whether it's by making my songstongue-in-cheek, or writing some dark lyrics to happy music, there's always been an element ofbalancing light and dark on my previous albums,” Ortega explains. “But this is a full story, and Iwanted everybody to be able to take something away from it at the end of the day.”