About Spune

Spune is a boutique, family-owned event producer. We are 100% independent with expertise designed to carefully promote and deliver unique concerts and experiences. We consistently seek to improve the communities around us as we actively work to advance art and culture in our home state of Texas.

Concert Submissions


Employment & Internships


Partnerships & Sponsorship


Talent Buying

The Spune team books well over 1,000 concerts a year and produces a number of other events. Based in Dallas-Fort Worth, Spune has staged concerts in Texas for well over a decade. Using its popular Untapped Festival as a springboard, the company now books shows in Austin, Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

From a select number of local bars, to intimate small venues, to events of 10,000+, Spune seeks to create sustainable relationships with bands and venues. Our mission is to work with emerging talent from the beginning of careers and for years to come.

Festivals & Events

Spune has booked, marketed and produced well over 50 festivals. These events are headlined by 20+ editions of Untapped Festival, which placed an equal emphasis on craft beer and live music. Our family also created and produced the first three years of Dallas’ INDEX festival, while it was still held in Deep Ellum.

Whether it is launching an original event concept like Love Street Music Festival or Wall of Sound, or amplifying the reach of a client, Spune possesses the comprehensive set of skills needed to place events and festivals in a successful context.


The Spune team works with a broad range of venue partners across the state of Texas. In order to best position ourselves to develop artists and audiences, these rooms vary according to both size and territory. The below is a sample of the room we work with to host events.

  • AUSTIN: Barracuda, Empire Control Room & Garage, The Mohawk & more!
  • DALLAS: Dada, Deep Ellum Art Co, Double Wide, Granada Theater, Majestic Theatre, Ruins, Sons of Hermann Hall, The Blue Light, The Rustic, Texas Theatre, Three Links, Trees, Wild Detectives & more!
  • DENTON: Andy’s, Travelstead (coming soon!)
  • FORT WORTH: MASS, Shipping & Receiving, Tulips (coming soon!) & more!
  • HOUSTON: Continental Club, Karbach Brewing Co., Satellite SAN ANTONIO: Paper Tiger, The Rustic

Spune staff is actively involved in venue projects in Denton, Fort Worth and Frisco. For more information, including investment opportunities, email matthew@spune.com.


Related to and outside of the live entertainment space, Spune works with a range of clients to fulfill the following roles:

  • Advertising • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Branding & Design • Experiential Marketing
  • Event Production • Financial Modeling
  • General Business Consulting • Newsletter Marketing
  • Talent Buying • Sponsorship Sales & Fulfillment
  • Social Media • Street Team • Venue Calendar Management

To discuss partnering with our family, email matthew@spune.com