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In the heart of Fort Worth’s vibrant cultural corner, TULIPS FTW brings music, art, fine drinks, cold beers, great food and community together under one roof. Coming to life during the 2020 pandemic, the energy that courses through its veins is palpable – a fusion of local art, a sound system built for massive outdoor music festivals and a room tuned with the precision of decades of industry expertise.


550 General Admission or 185 Seated + GA


Rectangular stage.
17’ at deepest point and 22’ at widest point.
Carpeted. No risers. No wings.
Space for guest consoles in front of FOH
tech booth.
We use bike racks/stanchions to protect
outside production on the floor and at stage


One secure greenroom with TV, toilet, shower and kitchenette w/filtered water. This green room is located backstage and is shared for all shows unless otherwise requested. Only artists/crew backstage


120v outlet, lights, tables and grids Please check your contract for merch split We can provide a seller for $20/hr (min 5hr, must advance)


Upon arrival, all artists/crew will receive venue wristbands to allow them access to green room/stage and loading dock. If you plan to use tour laminates, please send photos and descriptions.


Avid SC48 (monitors mixed from FOH)
48ch 3-way split transformer isolated inputs/mass connectors


(6) Adamson S10 Line Array Mains
(4) Adamson E119 Subwoofers
(2) KV2 EX10 Flown Center Fills


(6) KV2 ESM12R

Amps and Processors
Motion Laboratories 50a Power Distro
KV2 LD4 Line Driver (between console and Lake)
Lake LM44 PA Management w/FOH remote
(2) Lab Gruppen PLM 20K44 Amplifier (Mains and Subs)
(2) KV2 ESP4000 4x1000w Amplifier

Microphones and DIs
(1) Shure Beta 52a
(2) Shure Beta 181/c (6) Shure SM57
(3) Shure SM58
(4) EV N/D967
(3) Sennheiser e904 (4) Countryman Type 85 DI

Microphone Stands
(6) Tall Boom
(4) Short Boom
(2) Straight
(6) Super Shorts

20’ 12ch Snake (DSC